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Sede Sauro Rossi

SAURO ROSSI & C snc’s entrepreneurial venture got started back in 1972, initially enters the framing sector as a sub-contractor dedicating themselves to pressing and building moulds, and at the same time manufacturing accessories for powered cultivators and tractors. Within the first ten years, the company uses their gained experience primarily in the agricultural sector; the Company is now prepared to face the market with their own product: in 1982, the company starts manufacturing hose reels.
SAURO ROSSI gains market share immediately which encourages product expansion within the sector; commitment and dedication strengthen the success in the new sector that is to come in the following years: the trademark SAURO ROSSI establishes itself rapidly throughout agriculture and industry, the food industry, the mechanical sector and professional gardening.
Their current production ranges from manual hose reels to automatic spring hose reels including a patented hose-guide system for retraction and hose positioning. There are also plenty of hose reels with electric motors, remote controls and hydraulic motors.
SAURO ROSSI have always planned and manufactured all their products directly, looking after each made product with great artisans care. Moreover, thanks to the team of engineers who work internally, the company is able to offer customized professional services capable of fulfilling specific requests from the most demanding Customers. Today SAURO ROSSI & C. snc can be looked up as a model of small company with a large international market share: in fact, only one fifth of their production is set aside for the Italian market.

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